Spiritual Care Link partners with the following ministries:

Fuhais/Rahwa Baptist Church – Amman, Jordan

The Fuhais church is lead by pastor Philip Sahawneh. The church has responded to the refugee crisis in Jordan by developing a refugee team. The team visits the refugees daily, distributing aid as needed. They do weekly and monthly events for the refugees such as children’s programs, trauma counseling, food – box distribution, medical and dental clinics. There are over 1 million Syrian refugees in Jordan as well as hundreds of thousands of Iraqis. The stories of the refugees are unimaginable and heartbreaking. The needs are huge. But God is working through His church and our Arab Brethren like never before.

Evangelical Nazarene Marka Church – Amman, Jordan

Pastor Hythum Mazahreh leads the ministries of the Philadelphia Marka Church. In order to be more effective and do more outreach, Hythum started a Jordanian NGO, Sense, Care, Achieve (SCA). Please click on the links and see how God is working through the Philadelphia Marka Church.

Website: Philadelphia Marka Church

Face Book: Facebook Page

Back to Jerusalem Ministries – Israel

Pastor Rajai Samawi, who pastors a church in Nazareth, Israel, started this ministry in order to empower the local church to evangelize, disciple and plant churches. It’s to encourage the global body of Christ to come and to help bring the gospel back to where it started from, among the Arabs, Jews and all the inhabitants of the Land.

Website: Back to Jerusalem

Hashmi Church – Amman, Jordan 

This church is boldly serving in an area of Amman that is home to Palestinian, Syrian, and Iraqi refugees. The Pastor is also ministering to poor communities and refugee encampments in the north of Jordan along the Syrian border.

Remission Ministries

Remission is an exciting and an innovative initiative by a group of millennials. They have a vision to see millennials in the middle east be glorious in worship, deep in discipleship, influential in action, and powerful in witness. God’s call to remission is to join him in creating online and local church millennial communities that creatively and mindfully pursue knowing God as he is revealed in Holy Scriptures.

Website: http://www.remissionministries.com

Jerusalem Evangelical Outreach (JEO)

Our vision at JEO is to see all people in the Holy Land coming to Christ and the church growing and influencing society.

Website: http://www.jeoministry.org

Amman International Church (AIC)