Outreaches to Refugees through local Arab churches:

We are serving and partnering with several local Jordanian churches in and around Amman. There are around 1.3 million Syrian refugees in Jordan as well as tens of thousands of Iraqi refugees that fled cities ISIS took over  over in Iraq in 2014. Many of the Iraqis are from nominal Christian background.

Local Arab teams visit the refugees daily, distributing aid as needed. The local churches also do weekly and monthly events for the refugees such as children’s programs, trauma counseling, and food box distribution, medical and dental clinics.

Community Center and School – The churches have community centers and schools for preschool,  kindergarten, and elementary.  The community centers also minister to refugees through teaching English, teaching job skills that help refugees earn money, life skills training, a women’s center, counseling, and a variety of other strategic ways that give the refugee hope.

Safe Houses – The churches provide, as they are able, safe houses for persecuted Christians, often times their lives are in danger.

Medical and Dental Teams in and through local Arab churches

Spiritual Care Link Middle East facilitates Medical and Dental teams to go and serve with and through local Arab churches in the Middle East. We help to send 3-4 teams a year to Jordan, Turkey, Palestine, and Athens. We partner with the Christian Medical and Dental Association, CMDA and Global Health Outreach, GHO.

The next outreach to Jordan is planned for October 2022.

Sending Arab teams to unreached Arab countries to make Disciples

Teams continue to be sent to the Arabian Peninsula, Turkey, and Greece to reach those who have not heard the gospel of Jesus Christ. This has strengthened the resolve of Arab Believers and the Arab church to be fully committed to making disciples among their people and the least-reached.

Short Term Teams to serve along side our Arab Brethren

Spiritual Care Link serves local Arab churches in the Middle East by sending short terms teams to help them. Some of the ways short term teams aid our Arab Brethren; teaching English, medical and dental aid, counseling, consulting, and job training.

Short Term Teams also go to see and get a vision of the ministries of the churches. Teams visit with the churches, pray with and for our Arab churches and brethren, and do ministry visits with the churches. This is a huge encouragement to our Arab brethren and Churches.

If you, a group or your church would like to come and see what is happening for God’s glory, please contact us. Our Arab brethren would love to meet and fellowship with you.